How To Import Divi Layout

Steps for import layouts

1. Download Zip File and xml file

2. Unzip files

3.Import media.xml and post xml and project.xml file in Tools -> Import -> WordPress Import

4.Import Layout  (.json) file on on Divi -> Divi Library -> Import & Export Button


5. After import layout json files you can see in below

6. Add New Page and Click on “Load Layout”

7.Select layout

8. After select layout,Publish Page and see on front end after done below point 9.


If you have face any issue during layout load then follow below things

See Unzip folder and upload” Via Page ” Json file


9. Add “.css” file on your child theme and Enqueue your style using wordpress function wp_enqueue_style


Copy CSS from file and PASTE on Theme Option -> General -> Custom CSS